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Space Venture Europe 2022: Investment in the European and Global Space Sector

Another record-breaking year for Europe, with more than €1 billion invested in European space start-ups distributed across 112 deals.

Space Venture Europe is ESPI’s annual report on private investment in the space sector and is now focusing solely on investment data for European, global, and Chinese markets.

In Europe, the space sector saw significant growth of investment in 2022, with total investments reaching €1 billion, up by 23% compared to 2021. The majority of the funding came from venture capital. European companies, however, still face challenges, including smaller deal sizes and a concentration of capital in a handful of companies.

Globally, the sector experienced a 28% decline in total investments in 2022, amounting to a total of €8.8 billion. This is primarily caused by the absence of Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs), following their short-lived boom in 2021. Despite the decrease, the industry has maintained a healthy growth rate of 14% CAGR since 2019. The United States remains the most significant player in global investments, with a 17% CAGR, followed by Europe and China.

While building on the heritage of previous editions, uninterrupted data collection, and continuous refinement, this year’s edition once again opens new horizons, as it includes a special focus on China. China’s space sector has seen remarkable growth in investment, with over ¥50 billion (€6.5 billion) raised by more than 100 companies since 2014.

ESPI’s Space Venture equips public & private actors alike, and policymakers in particular, with an opportunity to strengthen Europe’s space sector and ensure its continued growth and success in the years to come.

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