Support Activities

In addition to our own efforts we often support external projects and activities. Additionally, we host the secretariats of the European Centre for Space Economy and Commerce (ECSECO) and the European Interparliamentary Space Conference (EISC).

European Centre for Space Economy and Commerce

The European Centre for Space Economy and Commerce (ECSECO) provides a forum for individuals professionally involved in space economy and commerce who share interest in the development of the sector in Europe.

The Secretariat of ECSECO is managed by the European Space Agency with our support, and is hosted at our offices in Vienna, Austria. ECSECO facilitates a wide range of activities, which include conferences, workshops and other events; working groups and collaborative research; initiatives for students such as summer school and competitions and many more.

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European Interparliamentary Space Conference

We are tasked by the Presidency of the European Interparliamentary Space Conference (EISC) to support the management of this initiative and to organise EISC’s annual conference.

Established in 1999 as a permanent forum for inter-parliamentary co-operation in space between the European national parliaments interested in space policy, EISC aims at facilitating the exchange of information on space activities and at promoting mutual understanding of national policies through the provision of a forum for analysing the major issues at stake in the European space sector.

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We are part of STARS*EU, a consortium of European organisations providing support to the European Commission (DG DEFIS) on its activities related to space research & innovation.

STARS*EU supports DG DEFIS in the fields of: Education and skills for space in the EU, creation and dissemination of scientific knowledge, analysis of EU-funded projects in the field of space, support to the consultation platform, and support to communication on the topic of space R&I.

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Past Activities


We were a member of the EUSTM consortium, a Horizon 2020-funded project aimed at analysing the current space traffic management (STM) support competences in Europe and defining the related needs for an autonomous European STM capability.

The main objectives of EUSTM are to: assess the currently available European scientific and technological capabilities; classify future space traffic management needs for its stakeholders and main user groups; identify existing space traffic management best practices, benchmarking and defining; guidelines and recommendations; determine the scientific and technological developments needed to implement best-practice space traffic management guidelines; conduct stakeholder consultations, share project results via open access and support the European space traffic management community; and design implementation recommendations for strategic, security, policy and regulatory space traffic management capabilities.

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We were a member of the SPACEWAYS consortium, a Horizon 2020-funded project aimed at providing the European Commission with guidelines and recommendations on the topic of Space Traffic Management (STM).

SPACEWAYS will establish an assessment of technical and policy-related issues associated with STM and propose a set of recommendations and guidelines to the European Commission. A main goal will be to characterise and understand the context of STM, especially its international and domestic dimensions, through an analysis of European capabilities and technology gaps and on a policy, legal and economic assessment of this domain, leading to recommendations and guidelines.

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